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justinarcher.com are pleased to announce the new version of our Content Management System, Aria, which has been rewritten from the ground up.

The main area, we have discovered from our clients, is putting together a nice layout in their pages as normally they would use tables. No longer is this the case with Aria vers. 2. Now you will add sections to your page, whereby you can specify how many columns each section will take up, what type of content will be in each section, and edit the content for each section independently. Ok, so how does this help? Easy... you drag and drop the sections into the order you require. Similarly, all menu items are drag and drop to arrange their location. Oh... and it's now fully responsive, so your website will display beautifully on your tablet or smartphone.

As we continue to Beta test our new Content Management System, we hope you can bare with us, as we are obviously going to be using it for our own site. During this time, should you need any assistance with your Apple Computers, Networks or Website, or require a quotation, please contact us directly at the number above, of drop us an email to: info@justinarcher.com.